" And then they give you the light, and your emotions kick in"

Mixed Emotions is a NFT collection that was inspired by my emotions.
Sometimes life gets rough and you find a lot of emotions inside, just let go and find yourself in art.
Drop one :
Drop 1 - are 8  Unique 1 - of -1 Vector Artworks . Each NFT contains a ".jpg" of the emotion, and an animated version with animated overlays to create a more dynamic effect. The works are can be seen in the metaverse @ https://cyber.xyz/djekz010-mixedemotions
Drop Two of Mixed Emotions are Minted Coin Versions of the emotions. I made the coins in Adobe Illustrator and made the 3D versions in Adobe Dimension.
The Buyer gets the 2D Jpeg, the 3d Asset and when bought the user unlocks the 3d asset as a Augmented Reality link in Adobe Aero (only on IOS) The works are can be seen in the metaverse @ https://cyber.xyz/djekz010-mixedemotions
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