Diggaz - DIY designertoys produced in 2005 by Djektoyz as a limited edition of 500 pieces. 
Do It Yourself Digga
Final product & Packaging
3D Model
3d Model - Joints & Parts
First 3d printed Prototype
Prototype Parts
Illustrator Template
Design Contest templates
Design Contest templates -2
Custom Diggaz Compilation
Jacky Hekkelaan
Jacky Hekkelaan
Coloring Prototype of HE023 design by Erwin Weber
Raphael Badilia
Sjors Trimbach
Erik bij De Vaate
Jason Jacenko
King Digga by Jacky Hekkelaan
King in Love by Jacky Hekkelaan
Tutupai VS Buss010
HEO23 By Erwin Weber
Jigga by Jesse Hernandez
BombSquad by Liv3R
Suzie da Strippa by Giovanni De Reus
DJ Digga by SjorsTrimbach
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